The Water Damage Clean Up Experts In North Carolina

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Water Damage Clean Up Restoration and Repair – What You Need to Know

Water damage experts clean-up is a specialty in itself. You will need the proper tools for it, as with any kind of clean-up. The tools you need will depend on what kind of water damage clean-up you have. For example, if your water damage clean up is due to flooding then you will need certain tools. If the water has been cleaned up but the carpets are not damaged then you most likely do not need the tools.


Water Damage Clean Up In Charlotte North Carolina

Depending on whether or not there are pets in the home, you may be required to treat the water damage. Depending on the severity of the flooding, treatment may be required. Some homeowners go ahead and treat the water damage themselves, but most prefer to have a restoration company come in and take care of things.


When a flood occurs, the water damage is treated differently depending on the severity of the event. If the water damage comes in small bits then the water damage technicians can suck the small pieces out and use tools for carpet extraction. If the flood comes in large pieces then the trained technicians will use powerful vacuums to suck the pieces out and use brushes and heavy duty drying materials to dry the carpeted area.

Charlotte water damage experts

Most water damage restoration companies use water jetting as another method of drying. This involves using water and highly trained technicians using a jetting machine to dry and sanitize the area. The water jetting process will depend on the type of flood damage that occurs, as well as the type of flooring or tile that has been damaged. Many companies also use high-powered air compressors to speed up the drying process.

How To Clean Up Water Damage In Your Home In Charlotte

Depending on the type of water damage, some companies use state-of-the-art equipment to remediate the damage. There are many water damage restoration companies that are experts in using this type of art equipment. These technicians use a wet-dry vacuum, water jetters, water-absorbent carpets, and other specialized art equipment to totally rid a property of flood damage. Some companies also rent or lease their industrial and commercial cleaning machines and equipment.

North Carolina Water Damage Experts

Companies that provide water damage restoration also provide drying services. When water damage occurs, the company may provide drying services to help speed up the drying process. These services will usually include drying the floors, furniture, walls, windows, and other surfaces in the area that needs drying. Drying can sometimes be done in one day, but in most cases, it will take several days before all surfaces are completely dry.